Basic knowledge needed to start a website


To make a website one needs server space and a domain name.You need to renew server space and domain every year or depending upon your choice regrading domain and hosting purchase.Price of hosting and domain you can check from hosting companies.Some of the hosting companies to name areĀ  godaddy ,Host Fav, bluhost etc.

With hosting space a customer normally gets control panel for controlling website.if you buy a linux hosting with php , mysql , usually You can install few opensource in your server like wordpress blog , pestashop (ecommerce) from control panel.

But if want more customized web applications which target your custom needs, you need to contact professional companies.We took help from Desire Mapping Technologies Pvt. Ltd. for making this website and hosting it.

Dynamic database driven complex Websites can be made with different technologies.To name few PHP , and jsp etc.To store data you can use databases like mysql , sqlserver , orcle etc.

For small websites PHP and mysql combination is popular.For this you need a linux or windows hosting.But linux hosting will be a better choice for PHP , Mysql. You can start with a shared hosting if your budget is low.

If you have big plans you can go for VPS or dedicated server.

With hosting you also get email service with your custom domain name . From control panel you can create email like

These days websites are not only viewed in laptops or desktop pc but also in mobile phone and tablets. For this reason now a days people make responsive templates.This makes websites look good even in mobile or tablets as well as desktop and laptops.

If you want any help in making a website , hosting it or promoting it click here .


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